Let Sister be a part of your next fundraiser! You can bring Sister and all her hysterical lessons to your audiences and raise money by selling tickets to the show. Bring the “fun” back to “fundraising”!

Entertainment Events has presented shows in over 250 cities in the US, Canada, Ireland, Australia and the UK. Our shows have grossed over $100 million dollars in box office. While Entertainment Events does many professional engagements annually, we have also helped many schools, arts groups, churches, Knights of Columbus, hospitals and other civic organizations raise considerable amounts to help with their ongoing needs. The Late Nite Catechism series alone as played over 40,000 performances having been seen by over 10 million audience members worldwide. On many occasions, we have brought theatre to communities that do not have live theatres or performing arts centers in their area. Many of our audience members have never attended a professional theatrical production before.


How much profit can we make from our event?

With 300 tickets sold at $30 per ticket, you will make $3500 from ticket sales alone. From there, your profit will only increase as for every ticket over 200 your organization will make $20. As a matter of fact, in 2007 alone we have three new additions to our $15,000 + Club.

Do you have suggestions on making money outside ticket sales?

Yes, several suggestions that have worked for many other presenters.

It’s More Than Just Tickets!

It’s important to remember that ticket sales are only one method of raising money. there are several other ways to generate additional revenue. These are just a few ideas: we here at EEI would be happy to discuss other possibilities since your imagination may hold countless more successful ideas than we’ve gathered so far.


Selling snacks and beverages either before or after the show or at intermission. Be creative since you can set the theme of your event this way.

The Program:

Selling advertising in your program benefits both the advertiser and you. Numerous groups have made more than $1000; some groups have made over $10,000 just selling ads! Also, giving Special Thanks or Acknowledgement in return for donated goods or services also helps your bottom line.


Local restaurants may donate dinner for two or a local salon may offer a manicure. Both are very good auction prizes!


A 50/50 raffle or a raffle for donated goods or services is a great way not only to make money, but to add some excitement to the evening.

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