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Posted by Geva Theatre Center on Monday, November 17, 2014

This time I attended Late Night Late Nite Catechism The Series with my friend of 60 years, Roberta (Stojevich)...

Posted by Vi Nmi on Sunday, April 5, 2015

Just saw the show at Suffolk Theater in Riverhead and loved it! When will you be appearing again....either there or another location on L I?

Posted by Anne Kathryn on Saturday, April 18, 2015

See what people are saying about the show! 

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"Sister was superb. I believe that she had the audience convinced that she was a real life nun. Both Catholics and non-Catholics enjoyed two plus hours of good wholesome laughter and fun. It was a great event for Davenport Rotary and I had people thanking me for bringing the play to Davenport. Many of our guests had seen it before, one gentleman said this was the thirteenth time he had seen it. It is refreshing to know that a good time can be had without sexual and profanity laced language."

-Burdette Hagen, Davenport Rotary, Davenport, IA

"Our parish, Sts.Charles and Helena in Clio, Michigan, had its production of Late Nite Catechism last night, April 22nd. It was a tremendous success. I want to commend our actress, she was so pleasant and easy to work with and she really held the crowd spellbound with her portrayal of Sister. This was the 3rd time I have seen this production. I thank Sister and your staff for your cooperation with our performance."

- Fatherr Gerald Ploof, Pastor, St. Charles and Helena, Clio, MI

"It's amazing, but some of the committee heads were saying, "When we do Late Nite 2 we can..." I can't believe it! They're already planning ahead!!! All of our planning and decorating and the food turned out very good. Our guests were very happy I think. Sister was fantastic--she was sooooooo good! And our stage manager was great. Thanks again for all your assistance."

- Mary Minjeur, Christian Brothers, Delasalle Collegiate High School, Sterling Heights. MI

"I wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased we were with your staff (from initial contact to follow-up) as we put on the production of Late Nite Catechism in our community. Late Nite was our organization?s first attempt with a major fundraising event, and what a huge success it was. The entire experience of Late Nite Catechism was so much fun, and so easy! Of course we raised a lot of money for our organization in the meantime, and received some phenomenal exposure to boot! You should be proud of your staff? they are fantastic! Well done!"

- Lisa S. Bell, MA, The Portals Corporation, Washington, MO